Orphanages for Children

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Orphanages for Children

Children in the lower strata of the society are gripped by uncertainty about their future mainly because of the untimely demise of their parents, absent fathers, single mothers, parents who suffer from prolonged illness. In these circumstances the future of such children is jeopardized.

The children in this home are given free shelter, clothing, medical care and quality education at school and college level.

Cause Description:

  • India, being the second-most populous country in the world, is home to a large number of orphaned children.

  • As India struggles with poverty, hunger and corruption, many children either lose their parents or are abandoned by their families.

  • Hence, it is important to explore the existing legal framework in India that seeks to protect orphans.

  • Which are essential to their growth and to protect them from exploitation and abandonment. In most circumstances, only an orphanage can provide orphaned children with basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing and education till the age of 14.

  • Therefore, the state is empowered to make laws to ensure that orphanages in the country are well-maintained and receive adequate funding in order to protect the rights of orphaned children.