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Medical Camp India

Organizing a free medical camp isn’t an easy task. However, if done correctly, it can potentially help a lot of people to get healthcare free of cost. Though many hospitals organize free camps, in which a sizeable number of patients turn up only when the medical services are given free of cost. Later, these patients do not make it to the hospital for further check ups because they feel it’s too costly to pay a visit.

Project Future India Trust also organizes free medical camps and in many cases, people are seen to show up for further treatment in the recommended hospitals because those treatments are entirely funded by us and other Trusts or NGO’s.

Cause Description:

  • A hall was rented nearby which provided a stage for the government formalities to take place simultaneously as the camp commenced.

  • The hall with the stage formed a kind of waiting room for the patients while the back of the hall was closed off for the area of examination.

  • The medical students of final year MBBS, well versed with basic diagnostic skills, made judgments on whether an expert opinion was required and referred the patients to either a General Physician, Dentist, Orthopaedic or Physiotherapist.

  • Having experienced a great burden of Gynaecological problems in our last camp we made it a point to get in a Gynaecologist.

  • Having Physiotherapy one of the focuses of our camp gives us an edge over the other camps that majorly use mere painkillers for the highly common complaint of pain. Many of the patients who came had been introduced to physiotherapy for the first time and absolutely loved the idea of exercise over medicines.

  • We have been extremely lucky to have dedicated doctors and dentists taking time out of their busy schedules and selflessly providing accurate care to all those they examined, without any referrals to their own hospitals which becomes a common problem in many camps.