about us

about us

Mahalakshmi Kadatcham Spiritual Science Research Organaisation was initiated in 2001 when a group of friends came together with the intention of giving back to the society. They were inspired by the thought and philosophy, the Society for Organizational Learning who has propagated that “sustainability, social equality and the environment are now business problems…” and corporate leaders can’t expect governments to solve them alone.

What triggered these thoughts was the liberalisation of the Indian economy in the 1990’s which brought with it immense opportunities. Business revived, and India became not just a market, but also an investment prospect for the developed world. Disposable incomes and early settlements became a living reality for the working middle-class. For the first time in India, professionals could think beyond making a living, and contribute towards the society.

Our main Objectives

To bring an awareness about Spirituality.

To give holistic education right from early childhood.

To help the scholars to pursue their research in spiritual science.

To help the needy in terms of food, attires etc., as per the need.

To bring back Ancient and traditional way of life.

To bring an awareness about existing great human beings through various online competitions.

More Activities

Mahalakshmi Kadatcham Spiritual Science Research Organaisation

  • To foster organic farming

  • To help the inmates in pursuing a small ecofriendly business

  • To build Sridevi and Moodevi temple.

  • To build The Spiritual Science Research Centre.

  • To find out why 8 times Pooja is conducted while 4 times are carried out in other temples including North India.

  • To find out what Kannadasan has said in Arthamulla Inthumatham.

  • To help the children of debtors, those who are in prison, those who have done anti-social activities.

  • To help those who want to return to their parent religion.

  • To find out the Depts like Hindu Aranilaya Thurai and find out what could be done for these temples.

  • To remunerate the old damaged temples.

  • To take a web series about Palam Kalyanasundaram Ayya.